Americans! Cry Out to God!

The time has come for American Christians to cry out to God as never before. Remember, God would have spared Sodom if only 10 righteous men had been found there. We are somewhat in that position now. Unless Believers "stand in the gap and make up the hedge" (Ez. 22:30) God may well "pour out His fury" upon us. It would be well for us to read Ezekial 22, and take heed. No longer can we assume that everything is going to be alright. Even the most optimistic polls are showing that we are about to elect a socialist slate of leaders for our country. Just because we've been spared in the past doesn't mean that God will continue to be patient with us. Remember His statement in Genesis 6:3 "Then the Lord said, "My Spirit will not put up with humans for such a long time.""(NLT)
This may come across as a bit alarmist. It isn't "a bit", it is absolutely alarmist! For much too long we've presumed on the grace of God to deliver us. He has given us ample time and we've continued to tolerate sin at best and to participate in it at worst.
2 Chronicles 7:14 is no longer just a nice little verse to highlight in our Bibles and pull out before an annual "revival meeting". It is now an essential if our nation is to be preserved. Spend some time in the OT and see how God dealt with His people when they sinned. Remember, we have been grafted in and are now a part of "His people". Over and over in the OT what goes around, comes around. We MUST learn from the examples given in scripture. We MUST repent and return to God.


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