The Magic of "Fireproof"

"Fireproof", like its' predecessor, "Facing the Giants" is confounding Hollywood. So far they have not been able to figure how a church can make a movie for $500,000, and beat some of the multimillion dollar projects that the Hollywood machine puts out. There is a one word explanation; GOD! He alone has made this possible.
If you haven't yet made it a point to see this movie, put it at the top of your "to-do" list and go this week. In our location, we had to drive @ 40 miles, but it was well worth it. If you are a member of a church, Sunday school class, or Bible Study group, this would be a tremendous group project. Plan a "Dinner and movie" night, order group tickets, and GO!
Too often we complain about the drivel that Hollywood puts out and do nothing about it. This is something you can do. By going to this movie you cast a vote for positive, character-building films. Sooner or later, Hollywood will get the message...when it affects their pocket books. And even if they don't get the message, your life will be enriched by seeing this film. Guaranteed!


I can't believe you had to drive 40 miles to see it! Robert and Amy said they saw it after church a couple of weeks ago. Wasn't it in town??? We saw it on a "date night" a couple of weeks ago. It was nice to go out and know we were strengthening our marriage not only by the date, but by the movie itself. Great movie with a great message.
bcole said…
The movie was at Eagle Ridge Mall in Lake Wales. Hasn't showed up in Sebring yet.

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