What are People Thinking?

As we get closer to the elections, and I hear poll results that show a socialist leading, I just have to pause and ask "what in the world are people thinking?". Have we learned nothing from history? We have seen the Soviet Union, and Cuba up close and personal, and still there are people willing to go down that road? It sort of reminds me of what the Apostle Paul said in Romans 1. Summed up, he said that when people reject God continually, He eventually gives them up to "a reprobate mind". They begin to think that wrong is right, etc., and God lets them do it. It just may be that America is about to experience getting what they think they want only to discover when it is too late that they have been duped.
The last I heard, America was listed as the 6th most pagan nation on earth. This election may be the tipping point that plunges us into the abyss from which we'll take generations to recover. If you doubt that such is possible, just read the saga of the nation Israel in the Old Testament.
This week we are spending time with one of our daughters and her family. As I play with four of my grandchildren, my heart aches as I think of the possibility that a proponent of abortion and socialism could change their lives forever just because people buy into the line that they can get something for nothing. That is the bottom line of socialism...that those who don't have can live off those who have made their way through hard work and ingenuity. Oh,God, help us!!!


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