The Adventure Starts Here

Here I am; 70 years old and a free agent. That means that I no longer have a "paying job" where I have to show up in an office at a particular time. It is strange to say the least. After 50 years of church staff experience, I've been adapting to a new life style over the past six months. I'm embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. I'm right up there with Abraham, Moses, and Caleb, some of my biblical heroes. These guys got their greatest assignments at what we consider an old age. All of them came through with flying colors, although it was not easy.
I'm starting a writing career. My first book is a devotional guide based on the sayings of Jesus. It is not intended to be an in-depth, theological treatise, but rather a tool that will help a believer at any stage of life become better acquainted with the teachings of Jesus, and discover, in a practical way, how they relate to life. I don't have a publisher. Most likely this will wind up being self-published. So why do I think I have a chance at this?
  • If God doesn't open doors, it won't happen.
  • My resume doesn't show any experience in this arena.
  • I am not a theologian or a writer.
  • The only thing I've ever written for publication was an article in the old Church Administration magazine.
That puts me in a perfect position for God to use me. Just like the biblical characters mentioned above, I'm completely dependent on God. What better position could I possibly be in?


Anonymous said…
I love this. And I can't wait for your book Bill. Exciting future...

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