Social Networking at Work

This past week my 96 year old father passed away. Sitting by his bedside only moments after his passing, I entered my "status" on FaceBook and Twitter. Within minutes I was receiving condolences from family and friends all across the country, and responses are still coming in two days later.
Then, I faced the problem of getting my wife to an airport some 75 miles from our home. She had not travelled with me from Florida to Alabama to be at my dad's bedside, but would now need to come for the funeral. I posted on FaceBook and Twitter the need that we had, and before the day was over we had found someone going from Sebring, our home, to Orlando airport. To make it even better, it was someone we knew.
I come away from these recent experiences with the realization that Social Networking is a tool that can be utilized in many very practical ways. In addition to renewing old acquaintences, keeping up with friends and family, there is the potential for disseminating important information quickly, and many business applications.
I'm also thankful for the applications which make it possible to update my status on both Twitter and FB and Plaxo with only one entry. I know there are many other stories out there about how the SNs are being utilized. I'd love to hear about your story.


Walt and Marilyn Crabtree said…
Walt and I express our deepest sympathy to you and Rae during this time of loss. It is never easy regardless of the age of a loved but God gives us the strength to go through these days. Our prayers are with you.
I'm sorry for your loss, but glad to hear the news about how you were helped by others. Your father lived a very long life and got to see lots of changes in this world. I'm amazed to think about some of the things my daughter has never experienced like I have such as hanging clothes on a clothes line, using a map instead of a GPS, cassette tapes, life without the Internet. It's goes on.

Many blessings,

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