The Upside of Economic Depression

I've been thinking about this as I notice what is going on around the nation during what many are calling a bona fide economic depression. Is there an upside? I think so. Let me mention a few.
  • less travel, ergo, less pollution.
  • less money to spend on toys & electronics, therefore kids have to learn to entertain themselves and grow their imaginations.
  • less money for movies and nights out, so families learn to enjoy one another at home.
  • fewer jobs, so people have to create jobs by becoming more ingenious.
  • less money for eating out, so people learn how to cook at home.
These are just a few. I'm sure you will think of others. This is the classic, "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade" scenario. You can choose to be a victim or to be victorius; to complain or to create; to wallow in self-pity or to work toward becoming a winner.
One caveat. In order for us to benefit from the economic depression, it must last long enough to wean us from our "stuff". I believe that Americans will emerge stronger and better because that's what Americans do.


Joel Hitt said…
Bill! I just had 5 minutes, so I decided to follow your link to this blog, and a few below. You can write, NDAI (no doubt about it)! And with the permission you're giving yourself for this venture, you MAY write. ;) So go for it.

BTW, in the latest entry, I saw 'ingenuous' where you meant 'ingenious.' Correct me back if I'm mistaken. Gotta run. Joel Hitt

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