I'm somewhat of a multi-tasker.  I often have several balls in the air.  I'm learning that I can better handle multiple tasks if I do them in segments.  Let me explain.  Rather than jumping willy-nilly from one task to the next, try focusing on one task for 10-20 minutes, then relaxing for 5 minutes, and then return to the task if it isn't finished yet.  Or, after relaxing for 5 minutes, switch to another task for 10-20 minutes.  For example, today I spent @ 20 minutes reading and answering e-mails; then did the USA Today crossword, then uploaded a video to FaceBook & Twitter, and then started on this blog entry.  I'm about to take a snack break, and then do some writing on my book for @ 20 minutes of so.  By incorporating these "spurts" of productivity, I can remain fresh.  I find that if I go much longer than 20 minutes at the time, my creativity begins to wane.  By segmenting I reach the end of the day having completed many if not most of my tasks while remaining fresh.  Try it.  Let me know what you think.


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