Doing Matt. 6:33 As A Church

This morning while reading Amos 9, I began to think that perhaps the main problem with the church (universal & local) is that we/they are seeking "all these things" instead of seeking first the kingdom of God. As I follow lots of pastors & staff folks on Twitter, it appears that the pursuit is always the "things" and seldom the Kingdom of God. Maybe I don't know what seeking the Kingdom of God really is, but I think it would involve tailoring everything we do with pleasing God as the sole outcome. Instead we spend untold man hours and dollars pursuing the latest "in" thing with our peers or our heroes.
Seldom do I encounter a church or pastor & staff who set aside regular, daily/weekly time to seek God & His kingdom. Most always I find staff meetings, dream sessions, conferences, books, etc. that aim toward "how do we attract people to our church? How do we become better leaders? or What is the next 40 day emphasis?" I'm not saying that those things aren't good, I'm just wondering out loud (or in print) if the pursuit of these "things" hasn't somehow precluded the pursuit of God's Kingdom and His righteousness.
Seems to me that God is the "idea" person, and we are to be the "obey-ers". Every time Israel got into trouble in the OT it was because they thought they had discovered a better way. God was always calling them back to Himself. Also, in Revelation 2:4, the charge against the Ephesian church was that they had "left their first love." That has to be God, right?
Anyhow, those are my random, off the top of my head thoughts. What do you think. Do I need to be set straight, or am I on to something here?


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